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Next 10 Week Program KICKS OFF on 

Thursday May 11th, 2017 @ 6pm

(Classes will be held on Thursdays)


10 Week Weight Loss Program:
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Promo Period Ends Tuesday, May 8th at 7pm  ** Take $25.00 Off  **

      Non-Member Pricing:   Individual $249  Couple $399

      Member Pricing:  Individual $199  Couple $299    **Members are monthly customers in our facility**

  • Couple rates are already discounted- promo does not apply.
  • Nonrefundable (can be applied to a future class)




Or Call 724-230-0255 to get on the waiting list for our next set of weight loss classes!

No more resolutions!  Come meet your lifestyle solution!  Typically our classes are 10 weeks long consisting of 7 total classes and held on a Tuesday or Thursday around 6pm.

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Looking for One on One Coaching instead of Group?  Details here



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I cannot wait to meet and help you achieve your goals!
Slimmingly Yours-

Dr. Katie & Coach Gabby


P.S.  If you are not ready to commit to our classes- We also offer weight loss supplements to aid in your goals- schedule a free meeting with me to see what fits you best!  Or stop in and check out our Supplement & Health Store to browse yourself!  🙂


What Others Have Said About Our Program:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-I joined to lose weight, get more energy and feel less tired…  Was successful in my goals!  I would tell others to try it!  It will work!  I felt like it was personalized for me!   -NH

– “The behavior eating change works!“ “Try it for at least 2 weeks. You’ll find out you can do it.” -JK

-I signed up for the classes for the motivation- was not sure I was going to be able to stick it out—–  but FOLLOWING THE COURSE WORKS!  I’ve had headaches since I was in high school and since following the low GI diet, I am having fewer headaches and feel so much better!  And lost weight and inches!  -AM

-I wanted to lose weight:  I lost weight, lost inches, gained energy, went down in pant sizes, etc!!!  So…  TRY IT!  Its much easier thank you think!  Worked better than any other diet so far!  -KB

-I would have liked to have lost more, but I cheated. So more importantly I learned to get back up again!!!  Was concerned about joining because I tried lots of other diets and failed.  What I would tell someone else:  Take the Class!!!  I really feel I know what to do and I just have to keep on doing it!  Detox week was not as hard as I thought.  I felt full, felt healthy—  FIRST TIME SUCCESSFUL in 5 YEARS & many prior diets!  -SG

-I had to sign up- I had to do something for myself  and I’m a grandma now and I need to be there for her……   Its hard to believe I lost 20lbs- missed several classes- was away on 3 vacations during the 10 weeks and still lost and I’m still losing!!  It works!  I can’t believe it!    -AS


Check out if we are offering our Free Weight Loss Tips Class prior to our 10 week program.

Occasionally we hold our FREE Weight Loss Tips Class is our Prelude to our 10 week weight loss program.  It goes through a variety of easy implementable tips to help you start your weight loss goals.  It also helps motivate you and transition you into our 10 week Weight Loss Program if interested!  Attendance is not necessary to join our 10 week Weight Loss program.  Check out next Free class time. 


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Ask about our College Student Plans, Weekends Only Plans and Vibration Fitness Sessions! Call for details


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